Out With The Unused and Don’t Buy it New

It's out with the unused. It was on our annual family holiday that my mindset changed around clutter. I had quickly unpacked our suitcases of clothes into drawers and wardrobes and the food into kitchen cupboards and the fridge in a quality beachfront holiday unit overlooking the ocean on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. I was... Continue Reading →

Enjoy The Luxury of Time

What I am talking about here, has nothing to do with the types of luxury that we normally think of like a luxurious lifestyle, designer clothing, first-class travel, expensive cars and leisure activities, five-star holiday accommodation and the ability to employ housekeeping. I enjoyed these luxuries of life, but the joy I felt was shallow.... Continue Reading →

Beware of CrazyMakers

Did you miss getting your dose of fresh air today because you missed going for a walk or bicycle ride? Does the paintbrush sit dormant on the canvas that shows no scenery, the ink of your pen still holds the unwritten words, the glue remains disconnected from the craft pieces that would make the gift... Continue Reading →

Plan To Scribble Time

This article explains my SCRIBBLE time planning method to encourage you to start NOW and start SIMPLE to make a plan this year to share your creativity this year. You don't have to have all your ducks in a row. You don't have to spend money or spend time learning how to use a professional... Continue Reading →

Create, Share, Repeat

Welcome to my new series titled Simply Create To Share, which will consist of weekly articles where I will be sharing the journey of my creativity, which is writing poetry. This year I am venturing into non-fiction writing in which I will be covering topics like what books, songs and creative people motivated and directed... Continue Reading →

A Poetic Kick Into 2022

It is summertime here in Australia, hot and humid in my hometime of Brisbane Queensland. Today I am back sitting at my computer desk ready for an exciting year of sharing my poetic writing at Simply Story Poetry and to start writing articles on this website to encourage other creative people who want to share... Continue Reading →

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