A Poetic Kick Into 2022

It is summertime here in Australia, hot and humid in my hometime of Brisbane Queensland. Today I am back sitting at my computer desk ready for an exciting year of sharing my poetic writing at Simply Story Poetry and to start writing articles on this website to encourage other creative people who want to share their ‘creative something’ with the world.

But first, to kick start 2022, I encourage those of you who are thinking about creating your ‘something’ – be it writing, poetry, painting, drawing, singing, craftwork or whatever your creative something is, to take that first step NOW, TODAY. If you have already started creating your ‘something’ but are questioning whether you will continue with it this year, I want to encourage you to keep going. START TODAY. The first thing I do is write out a plan for the year or for a new project, which I will share in more detail at another time.

But today, I encourage you to do something. Take a few minutes to sit still and write down what you would like to create. Write as much detail as you can about the ‘something’ you want to create e.g. “I’ve always wanted to write and publish a book, a song, or a poem.” “I’ve always wanted to make/create______” “I’ve always wanted to paint, draw, photograph.”

Don’t wait any longer. I procrastinated for decades because of fear and self-doubt. Please don’t wait any longer. START TODAY. As Paul McCartney sings – DO IT NOW! See the Youtube link at the end of this article.

I did not realize when I started this creative venture in April 2021, that it would be so creatively satisfying in so many different ways. Each Monday I will continue writing My Poetry Story as encouraging short articles, and share in more detail what steps I took toward fulfilling my creative goal, last year, 2021, being the first year of my poetry publishing journey.

Every Wednesday I will continue to publish, both written and in audio, a Christian Faith poem and every Friday a General poem at Simply Story Poetry. So, connect with me and enjoy this year’s creative and poetic journey. Beverley Joy of Simply Create To Share and Simply Story Poetry

Paul talks about the song’s meaning-1minute
Paul McCartney 2018 – ‘Do It Now’ – 5 minutes

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

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