Flood Us With Your Prayers As Our City Floods With Water

Thousands of people have lost everything they own in the worst flooding storm in recorded history to hit my home town of Brisbane Queensland Australia. Article. A rain depression hovered over our city for three days this week dumping unprecedented torrential rain. The water level rose too quickly for many families to lift their belonging above the estimated flood level. For many, it made no difference, as the floodwater covered their homes completely.

South East Queensland has survived severe floods over the decades as we are a river city and lush rivers run through our coastline, which is a beautiful place to live when the sun is shining and the rain is light. The water level will not disappear for a few days. It is just hovering silently in suburban streets destroying family treasures. This is due to the king tides during our summertime, which will delay and hinder the massive cleanup. Families just stand by the water’s edge waiting for the muddy debris-laden water to leave their suburbs.

Now the storm is making its way down the east coast of Australia toward Sydney causing similar flooding. More rain is coming to the east coast of Australia in a few days’ time, which will further hinder and delay the cleanup. It has not only been the usual suburbs that have flooded, but many homes that have never been flooded before have this time not escaped the devastation of this freak rain dump.

Only a few weeks ago Queensland opened its border to New South Wales from Covid lockout and only just opened boards to the world. Gold Coast businesses were desperate for a bumper month of tourists during March and leading up to Easter, which is one of the busiest weekends of the year. Now they have yet another setback – torrential rain. It has been a rainy summer and now we are entering our cyclone season.

The stories of hope and care will soon be told as the Mud Army 2.0, literally, an army of volunteers, help the thousands of people affected by the flood empty out their homes and yards of mud-soaked belongings, little of which will be worth keeping. Precious photo albums, family history records, collectables, toys, clothes. Cars and caravans are full of mud, many of which have floated away to another suburb. The walls and doors are sodden with muddy water that need to be ripped out and replaced. Carpets, curtains, light fitting hanging out the of the ceiling. Some families could not afford the expensive home and content flood insurance. Others will wait years before they receive compensation.

This morning the sun shone down on the muddy landscape as if nothing has happened. Large parts of the beautiful sunny South East Queensland is now a sea of brown sludge and debris. Although it is helpful that the rain has stopped, the sunshine brings its own disgusting element – the stench of drying mud everywhere. There is no escape from the repugnant smell. Yet, as the water recedes, the volunteer Mud Army 2.0 will arrive bringing with them the welcome pleasant scent of human help, care and support.

Please flood these innocent victims of nature’s wrath with prayers, as we all pray for Ukraine’s innocent victims of the wrath of Putin.

Beverley Joy 2022 of Simply Create 2 Share

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