Hi, I’m Beverley Joy of Simply Create 2 Share and Simply Story Poetry and podcast. I have been writing poems and verses since 2011. As an unemployed, mature aged woman, I spent my time during the Covid lockdowns of 2020-2021, teaching myself, through trial and error, how to share my poetry online through various mediums, being written and audio, and soon they will be available in print and ebook. This journey cost me a lot of time to set up, but DID NOT cost me a lot of money, and still doesn’t. If I can do it, you can too. You can find Simply Story Poetry on Facebook, Instagram, Podcast, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn.

At Simply Create 2 Share I write articles to encourage other creative people who want to share their ‘creative something’ with the world to DO IT NOW. START TODAY. Whether you write, paint, draw, craft, sing or make, take that first step into your journey to immerse your creativity more fully into your life and enjoy the journey. You can also find Simply Create 2 share articles at Simply Story Poetry on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We are quick to tell ourselves what we can’t do and slow to tell ourselves what we could do if only we would let ourselves. Instead, we stand in our own way, with our hands on our hips and finger pointed affirming the negative and preventing ourselves from moving forward.

Step aside, smile at yourself and wave yourself through.

Beverley Joy

My message is simple:

Create something new – write it, make it, form it

Share your something – gift it, sell it, tell it

Repeat – Improve it, keep doing it or start something new

I live in sunny Queensland, Australia, I am the proud mother of two adult daughters.

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It is never too late to start something new in life.

Beverley Joy

I wrote this poem to say a big warm THANK YOU to all of you, my listeners and readers, your support is greatly appreciated. Beverley Joy

Thank You

In this silent world of no face-to-face

Of scrolling and flicking, I wonder if…

My posts get read, my information heard

Do I connect with my audience?

I’m just trying to get my message out there

On the crowded online world wide web

A small soft voice in a huge theatre

Filled with busy people, preoccupied.

Thank you for your likes

Your smiles and high 5’s

They encourage and uplift

Help keep me motivated.

Thank you for taking the time

To show me your support

By liking and following

Commenting and sharing.

Beverley Joy © 2021

Here are two poems I wrote about my creative journey to build my websites:

My Funny Blog Journey

My WordPress journey continues

I must confess, I’m still a novice

Some look at my blog address

And gasp in horror “She needs help.”

I’ve Linkedin and Plugged in, Iconed and Badged

I Liked and smiled, Opted in and out

I Edit and podcast and Widget Icons

I post for instagramification.

I Customize my Appearance

Gravatar and Personalize

So you’ll Spotify my profile 

Hoping you’ll connect and follow.

Are you listening with Pinterest?

Does my poetry make you Twitter? 

Someday we’ll Meetup on Youtube? 

But today, please stay and visit.

Beverley Joy © 2018 of Simply Story Poetry

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It Makes Me Twitter

My story as a poet started a long time ago

When there were no computers in family homes

The phone was screwed to the wall in the family room or hall

And featured one shrill chime and a nail breaking dial.

When people didn’t PIN to show their INTEREST

When we got bogged in mud not BLOGGED in words

When to POST was to put a stamped envelope in a box on the side of the road.

A time when birds TWITTERED not people

When to be LINKED IN was when dad linked the trailer by a chain, to our car’s tow bar  

To WordPress was to press words on a piece of paper with a stamp made of rubber

To INSTAGRAM was to send an instant message by telegram in SHORTCODE and finger tapping.

A REDBUBBLE was created by blowing red liquid through a bubble ring

To FACEBOOK was to turn your FACE to read a BOOK’s printed page

To PODCAST was to cast the pod of a pea into the water to cook for dinner.

Now in 2021



Though sometimes I am PRESSed for WORDs and feel BLOGGED

But, when I PRESS the WORD ‘PUBLISH’, I feel INSTAGRAMification.

That’s when I take time to CONNECT

You see, I’m IN T NET, we’re FAVOURITE FRIENDs


Our COMMENTS empower our HARD DRIVE.

Come join in the dance across the keyboard pad

Tapping our way, no matter what your age

There’s SPACE to ENTER this PAGE in history

And ÈMJOI and contribute, FOLLOW my LEAD MAGNET.

Beverley Joy © 2021 of Simply Story Poetry

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