Out With The Unused and Don’t Buy it New

It's out with the unused. It was on our annual family holiday that my mindset changed around clutter. I had quickly unpacked our suitcases of clothes into drawers and wardrobes and the food into kitchen cupboards and the fridge in a quality beachfront holiday unit overlooking the ocean on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. I was... Continue Reading →

Enjoy The Luxury of Time

What I am talking about here, has nothing to do with the types of luxury that we normally think of like a luxurious lifestyle, designer clothing, first-class travel, expensive cars and leisure activities, five-star holiday accommodation and the ability to employ housekeeping. I enjoyed these luxuries of life, but the joy I felt was shallow.... Continue Reading →

Create, Share, Repeat

Welcome to my new series titled Simply Create To Share, which will consist of weekly articles where I will be sharing the journey of my creativity, which is writing poetry. This year I am venturing into non-fiction writing in which I will be covering topics like what books, songs and creative people motivated and directed... Continue Reading →

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